A City without a FINDit…

By Chris Olsen, Founder of FINDitKC

Why Nashville Needs FINDitMUSICCITY

This past weekend I spent time in the beautiful and exciting city of Nashville. While it was an awesome experience, it was so much harder than it really needed to be.

As a visitor to a new city, there is nothing worse than having your expectations be let down. For example, pictures of Nashville businesses on the web were stock images and  looking back, I was clearly snaked into thinking a business would be way cooler than it actually was. In twitter terms: #epicfail.

As a newbie to Nashville, I didn’t know what to expect. Our family searched and searched for things to do on the web and not once did we find a resource that really provided us the information we sought. Everything online was text, no video. It helped me again realize why we do what we do at FIKC (FINDitKC). We want people to experience the wonders of our city! The sights and sounds! Videos capture that passion for the business once created and now running. That passion then radiates through video via customer testimonials, interviews with company leaders, and shots from the actual business or their body of work. These videos are genuine and there is no way of hiding. You see the business and the people who make it. Scripting is limited and NEVER do we allow actors to stand in as testimonials.

At FIKC we want the consumer to decide. We want them to FIND it, WATCH it, and then TRY it if they feel that business is a fit.

Just today a vendor of ours wrote this:

“Hi Guys,

I just wanted to tell you that I had never been to your website before & today I thought I’d check it out… just one word… WOW! I love the site… there should be a site like this for every major city.  I would have liked to have found a site like this when we were in Chicago it would have been very useful.  I will definitely spend more time looking it over at home and watching it grow. Keep up the good work!”

This is what we want.

When we nabbed up domain names for every major city, we knew what we were doing had massive value. Filling a gap that has existed for so long… Yes, you can google one place or thing, but then you’re forced to wade through the clutter to decide where to go (and whether the site is really something you were looking for). What we do provides a reliable resource for the consumer to FIND something. You can find videos on what each business does… FIND videos on things to do, places to shop, places to eat, even places to live. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to narrow selections down based on actual reasoning?

For example, a husband and wife are looking for a new place to live. They know they want to live in South Johnson County, but aren’t sure where yet. BOOM!  They can go to FINDitKC and see what specific communities (like Chapel Hill and Mills Farm) have to offer and then make the decision as to where they want to visit. No more wandering the city and no more wasted time visiting communities.

Now apply this scenario for going out to eat, shopping, finding a landscaper, even finding a spa or insurance agent. There is no scenario in which FINDitKC does not help you achieve your goals. You get a personal introduction to a business and what they offer. To quote our friends at Effective Sales, “it is the perfect Upfront Contract”. You now know what to expect when you patron that business.

So, in retrospect, Nashville, when we reach our goal of being in major cities across the country (maybe world, we do own some international domains…), we just made it easier for anyone to find and experience a business. We also made it easy for them to share it with friends. Now you can create an itinerary with videos so everyone not only knows the name of the places you’re going, but also what to expect when going there!

What FINDitKC wants is to give people is the chance to FIND it, WATCH it, and then TRY it. And being in Nashville, a city without a FINDit, made me realize even more just how valuable having a site like ours can be not only to the consumer, but also for the community.