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Welcome to Aggieville Entertainment.  We are the number one resource for you and your friends to learn about entertainment and nightlife at your favorite spots in Aggieville such as O’Malley’s, Porters, Salty Rim and Drinx.  With the variety of music, drinks, and crowds found in this unique bar district, Aggieville Entertainment is your place to learn about the best events, promotions and specials.

We are excited to be apart of wonderful Manhattan Kansas and love supporting local businesses.  You can’t get much better in the Midwest so whether you are visiting, a student, or just livin it up in this great town, visit us down in Aggieville for what is guaranteed to be a good time.

The Bars


Since 1997, Porter’s has earned its reputation as an Aggieville great.  Whether you’re a student, alumni, Manhattan resident, or visitor, Porter’s is a must stop when entering Aggieville.  With its many massive TV’s, great music, and customer-oriented staff, Porter’s is the perfect place to watch any game and hang out with friends.

Porter’s has a great atmosphere with the exposed brick walls, surrounding comfy booths and a custom made bar.  It is a place where you will come back time and time again.  They have great menu items to munch on, an extensive bar, and a specialized martini menu that you will not find anywhere else.

706 N. Manhattan Ave
Manhattan, KS 66502



One of the largest bars in Manhattan, O’Malley’s is located in the heart of Aggieville.  It encompasses a variety of bar areas including “The Big Side”, the Alley, and a large patio.  A watering hole for students, soldiers, Manhattan residents, and visitors, O’Malley’s has become a major part of Aggieville’s diverse culture and a home away from home for many patrons.  Not only can you drink your favorites but play as well.  O’Malley’s has a pool table, foosball table, dart board, and awesome digital juke box with any song you can imagine.  Including the TVs and satellite radio there is something for everybody.  With an assortment of whiskey, beer, and other liquors we take drinking very serious at O’Malley’s.  You will always find the best bartenders and coolest people when you walk in the door.

Home of the Belfast Bomber.  We can’t forget about the Belfast Bomber.  O’Malley’s has been home to the Belfast for about 15 years.  You think you have had an Irish CarBomb, but you haven’t experienced anything till you’ve chugged a Belfast.  The Original Alley.  The Alley is the small side bar of O’Malley’s that has the most unique character and charm you will find in Aggieville.  The ability to relax at the bar, listen to great music, and have a conversation with your favorite bartender is something you cant find many places. It is the first stop for many alumni and visitors when they hit Aggieville so that they can find their dollar on the wall from 1998 and reminisce about their college years, kickin it at O’Malley’s Alley.

1210 Moro St.
Manhattan, KS 66502


Salty Rim

The Salty Rim can be called one of the most unique, fun, and outrageous bars in Aggieville.  It stands apart as a place with a cool, laid-back, party atmosphere, great drink specials, and some of the sexiest bartenders and wait staff in town.  They are always down to party and make sure that you have a blast.

With the huge fish tank and beach décor, The Salty Rim feels like a spring break party every night.  Playing a diverse playlist that includes everything from Techno to Pitbull, from Jay-Z to Buckcherry, and everything in between.  So come out and join the party happening every night at The Salty Rim.  Cada noche que el partido está loco.

1204 Moro St.
Manhattan, KS 66502



If you are looking for something new, Drinx is the place to go.  The bar opened last January and has become Aggieville’s premier spot for late night partying with dance platforms, cheap bomb shots, and an assortment of specialty shots.  The high-energy atmosphere has made it one of Aggieville’s most incredible parties.

Any given night, girls can dance like crazy on either of the two stages and have the best time with their friends. Guys, take advantage of the awesome drink specials and party energy. Becoming the official home of the bachelorette party and dance spot for anyone who is wanting to get crazy, Drinx is Manhattan’s best bar to rock out and go crazy.

You will lose yourself in Drinx and be glad that you did.  The bartenders and staff have high-energy and are always down for a good time. So remember, tip your bartenders, not the girls dancing on platforms and party on like the night won’t end.

1206 Moro St.
Manhattan, KS 66502


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