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All Star Awards & Ad Specialties

835 W. 39th Street
Kansas City, MO 64111
(816) 531-3635
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All Star Awards and Ad Specialties Inc. provides Kansas City with promotional marketing products, corporate apparel, badges, banners, engraving, etching, lasering and more!

Store Hours:
Mon-Fri - 9:00am-5:30pm

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All Star Awards and Ad Specialties:

Welcome to All Star Awards and Ad Specialties, Inc. where we strive to meet and exceed our Kansas City customer's advertising expectations! We make the thrill of recognition last a lifetime.

In the advertising business in Kansas City since 1965, All Star has the ad resources and the advertising experience that you can rely on. Our broad product line consisting of Awards and Recognition items, Promotional marketing products, Corporate Apparel, Badges, Banners, and many more, truly assures you of our "Yes we can! Do it all for you!" ad service. We also provide quality Kansas City service for engraving, etching, and lasering a variety of advertising products.

Our All Star team is all about providing the best quality advertising service, as well as building lasting relationships with a wide range of businesses from schools to government agencies, churches, and various organizations.

At All Star, you can depend on us to show appreciation, create goodwill, build morale, and generate sales for your Kansas City business or organization through the use of advertising and engraving for specialty items.  Come on in and check out our World Headquarter and Idea Display Centers, we'd be glad to give you a tour.

The best advertising in Kansas City that is done through engraving and other specialty techniques for ads are sure to be found in our showrooms and on our website.

If you don't see what you are looking for, feel free to talk to one of our Kansas City All Star teammates who are always ready to help you in any way that we can.

We can make practically anything you can think of for your business in Kansas City.  Because of all of the various types of materials that we have done and can do, the list of possibilities is nearly limitless. It is our goal to do everything that we can to adhere to your exact specifications. Below are just a few of the things we can produce that will help you promote your large or small business with ads and other promotional items:

In-House Production:                                               Broad Product Line:

- Engraving                                                                   - Awards
- Lasering                                                                     - Identification Products
- Glass Etching                                                            - Ad Specialties
- Photolathe                                                                 - Flags / Banners
- Metalphoto                                                                - Personalized Gifts
- Color Fusion                                                              - Custom Projects and More
- Screen Printing
-Buttons and More

Exclusive Kansas City Products:
- Medallions
- Coasters
- Portraits of Honor and more

Nine Logical Reasons to Use All Star

Not sure if All Star is the right company for you? We're giving you "Nine Reasons"

why you should choose All Star!

Reason 1 - Our Product Line

To help you show appreciation, create goodwill, build morale and generate sales, we offer standard & custom awards: glass awards, acrylic awards, plaques, trophies and engraving.

But more than just awards: We supply a vast array of Promotional advertising and marketing Items including Kansas City ad calendars, writing instruments, drinkware, key tags, clocks, binders and more. Advertising is our cup of tea.

We also provide custom Kansas City screen printing for t-shirts and embroidery for corporate apparel. See us for flags, banners, and table drapes... and for Identification Products for people, companies and building including name badges, desk nameplates, indoor architectural signage, decals, personalized items and more.

Reason 2 - Our Exclusives

Our Exclusives and Copyrighted "Kansas City Spirit" products, including medallions, ad coasters, ad shirts, mugs, baby plaques, alumajet, custom projects, color fusion and more... are prestigious ways to honor and advertise our city and your organization.

Reason 3 - Emergency Service

We do so many specialties and other things In-House that your emergency becomes All Star's opportunity... to provide you with the marketing service and ad products you need. We make sure to provide you with the best quality service as quick as we can to suit your needs!

Reason 4 - Great Quality, Services and Products

We offer the highest quality products and advertising services at competitive KC prices. Our Customers include Kansas City Businesses, Associations, Institutions, Schools, Groups, Leagues, Teams, Cities, Government Agencies, Hospitals, Churches and Individuals in the Kansas City, Missouri area.

Reason 5 - Our Graphics Department

We make it easy for you to be creative for your ad products and other needs. Let our in-house graphics team take your ideas and transform them into finished, production-ready graphics!

Reason 6 - Idea Display Centers

Each Idea/Display Center has extensive display and advertising idea resource areas that allow you to be more creative as you combine your ideas with all the available alternatives in terms of marketing.

Reason 7 - We've Got ESP

Our Electronic Sourcing & Photo System puts virtually every promotional product imaginable online - in full color. Over 5,000 suppliers & 650,000 items are at your fingertips... from low cost traffic builders to fine executive awards. We'll find the right ad product for you! Please contact an All Star teammate for advertising and creative assistance.

Reason 8 - The Right Size

We're small enough to treat your needs and ad orders "the way you want to be treated." Yet we have the marketing capabilities and financial strength to efficiently complete your largest, most demanding requirements... from $10 to $100,000.

Reason 9 - Attitude Plus Experience

Our professional team's "Yes We Can" spirit makes All Star a fun place to shop. Depend on us to help you show appreciation, create goodwill, build morale and generate sales through products and resources you received from our marketing and advertising capabilities in Kansas City.

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