Are You Ready for Some Football?

By Brian Olsen

Well folks, it’s that wonderful time of year again! (No, not Christmas time.) The air is crisp… the excitement is palpable… IT’S FOOTBALL SEASON! The time has come for barbecue, tailgating, and boys being boys. Whether you’re a Kansas City Chiefs fan or support your alma-mater, most sports fans would agree that this is the best time of the year. (It is for me!) Recently I visited spectacular Arrowhead Stadium to watch my Chiefs kick off the 2012 season. It may not have been the greatest game in the world in terms of performance, but hey, it’s still early.

In addition to being a huge fan of professional football, I happily follow college ball as well. There’s nothing I enjoy more than cheering on my Kansas State Wildcats. (However, since I’m a Kansas kid born and raised, I will cheer for the Kansas Jayhawks… but only when they aren’t playing K-State.) Having lived in the KC Metro area for awhile now (and lacking Wildcat season tickets), I’ve discovered ways to surround myself with fellow friends and fans as we root for our favorite team. Driver’s Sports Cafe is a great spot to watch K-State games, offering a high-energy atmosphere and great drink specials. At Driver’s, I am able to sit and banter good-naturedly about the game with friends and truly experience what it means to be a true fan.

Obviously, football season also means it’s officially time to bust out your team gear and wear it with pride! In my opinion, there is no better way to display your loyalty for your team (and love of the game) than to wear your team’s colors. I’m talking full-fledged, head to toe, PRIDE baby! Show your support with the clothes you wear, how you decorate your car/home/office, even how you dress your furry one! (In the Kansas City area, Boomeroo’s is an awesome resource for pet clothes with your team’s colors and logos.)

So, Kansas City, here’s to fourth downs, clutch touchdowns, and big wins. IT’S GAME DAY, BABY!  Are you ready?!