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What’s all the fuss around Kansas City’s Hottest Startup?

For Average Joe’s like us:

FINDitKC was created to help people living, visiting, or moving to Kansas City find the best Kansas City has to offer, then actually SHOW them why. We love KC and that is why we want the people of the world to be able to FIND it, WATCH it, then TRY it.

See Kansas City and it’s businesses the way we do.

FINDitKC: Videos on Kansas City. Videos on things to do, local businesses, events, attractions, restaurants, salons, real estate, shopping and fitness in KC.

For Business Owners:

FINDitKC is a digital media marketing company, centered around video and maximizing our clients presence online by using the videos we produce. This includes exposure on (FIND videos on Places to Eat, Shop, Play and Live in KC), business websites, social media, email and print marketing. If they do not have these tools in place then they team with FINDit for help.


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FINDitKC was created in order to fill the growing void for relevant video content that not only informs consumers but engages their wants and needs. With 10 years of experience in presenting and producing content for news stations throughout the Midwest, Chris Olsen took it upon himself to create a company that did just that. FINDitKC is an online platform that presents local businesses through professionally produced, HD videos. Our sole purpose is to help consumers find local businesses and showcase their best products and services to these consumers. We also aim to help small businesses with their online presence though video and the distribution of that video through the web, social media, Google, email and print marketing.