Drivers Sports Cafe

Drivers Sports Cafe

8220 Metcalf Ave
Overland Park Kansas 66204
(913) 383-5353
Driver's Sports Cafe in Downtown Overland Park is the place to be for great food, drinks and to watch your favorite sports game. This bar and grill won't disappoint.

Mon - Sun: 11:00am - 2:00am

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Drivers Sports Café: Fast Paced Kansas City Restaurant

Are there times you miss your college glory days?  The days when the only day that mattered was Game day? Yeah, well we never grew up, and we don't think you need to either. We love sports and think you should too.

If you are looking for a restaurant in Kansas City that has character, attitude and the kind of atmosphere that you can really feel comfortable in, check out Drivers. As far as restaurants in Kansas City go, we know that we are one of a kind.

At Drivers Sports Cafe local sports are our bread and butter. Still in our prime, Drivers opened up in Downtown Overland Park in June of 2011.

Strangers tend to be hard to find at Drivers. Whether you believe in the Book of Snyder or the Book of Self. College sports live here and eventually people grow up, which is why we carry the NFL Sunday Ticket so you can catch your favorite pro games too. We have all of the sports and food that you love about game day, making us the perfect place to stop by during your favorite match up.

With nine HD TVs and a Taco Tuesday that can't be matched you’re going to want to put us in your calendar. Our authentic 8 inch flour tortilla tacos are only two bucks on Tuesdays. What more could you ask for in a restaurant in Kansas City?

So bring the whole fam down to Drivers and see what all the fuss is about. Tell your boss it's time for budget cuts, tell your friends the beer is cheap, do and say whatever it takes and get to Drivers..

..seriously quit reading and go!

If you absolutely need more information, hey, we understand. Call us or check out our Kansas City restaurant website to learn more about some of the stuff that we have to offer!

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