Experience Kansas City during the 2012 MLB All-Star weekend


by Chris Olsen, Founder of FINDitKC
In two weeks Kansas City will be flooded with more baseball fans than we’ve seen in 25+ years. On July 10th, 2012 Kauffman Stadium will as it was in the good ol’ days! (And by that I mean 1985.)

As a lifelong Kansan (Shawnee Mission West grad!), I hope there is some local flavor on the field… but regardless of who and what we end up seeing on the diamond, on July 10th there will be plenty of local flavor out on the town.

Even if you are from KC you probably haven’t truly experienced all that our beautiful city has to offer. As a native, I know we tend to behave like rabbits- living, eating and playing in our own neighborhoods. (Did you know rabbits tend to stay within a couple of acres from their birth place? Write that down, use it to impress your friends later.) Personally, becoming a parent helped me to truly appreciate all that is Kansas City.

So whether you are a long-time Kansas City resident or visiting for the MLB All Star Game, let me give you a few broad suggestions on things to do and places to eat here in KC. (And no they aren’t all clients of ours, so there is no business bias here! As a matter of fact, the FINDit Fave’s section on the top of our website is full of places to eat that haven’t paid us a dime… however I hope someday they do become friends of FIKC.)

First, you have to truly experience Kansas City BBQ! Start at one of the big name staples (Arthur Bryants, Jack Stack or Gates), then branch out the local gems. I’m talking about places like Joe’s in Olathe, B.B.’s Lawnside BBQ, or L.C.’s in KCMO. Of course I would ask you to at leave give Zarda’s a try since it is in my old stomping ground- good ol’ Lenexa!

Second, experience the whole sports scene, and not just the baseball festivities. If you are here the Saturday before the All Star Game, head to Livestrong Sporting Park and take in a Sporting Kansas City game. There isn’t anything like it. The fans and the atmosphere are both amazing. You owe it to yourself to head out there July 7th to experience some stellar soccer.

Lastly, spend some time shopping around town. Kansas City is full of the entrepreneurial spirit. Ewing Kauffman, the namesake of Kauffman Stadium, really embraced KC and helped budding entrepreneurs spread our wings. (We owe it to the man who did so much for our community to patron these brave men and women who go out on their own and selflessly start businesses for all to enjoy!) The City of Fountains is full of spirit and passion. We work hard on our businesses and give until our hearts bleed. It is the Midwest way. So please do one thing while you are in town, shop around and experience these local businesses. These men and women have sacrificed and given so much to live out their dreams. I have seen it first hand. They have created amazing businesses and they did it out of love. So enjoy them and maybe tell them thanks for taking the risk. They are the reason the world goes round and they are the reason Kansas City is the most entrepreneurial city in America.