IM=X Pilates

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IM=X Pilates

6052 NW 63rd Terr
Kansas City MO 64151
IM=X Pilates is THE innovator in pilates and fitness. IM=X (Integrated Movement Xercize) is a new generation of pilates, cycling, yoga, ballet bar and cardio inspired workouts.

Mon - Thurs: 6:00am - 7:00pm
Fri: 6:00am - 3:00pm
Sat: 8:00am - 12:00pm

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About IM=X® Pilates

For more than 16 years, IM=X® Pilates has been an innovator in the pilates, fitness and back care industries. IM=X (Integrated Movement Xercize) is a new generation of pilates, cycling, yoga, ballet bar and cardio inspired workouts.

What is IM=X® (pronounced IMX)?

IM=X stands for Integrated Movement Xercize. It's an elite fitness formula that marries the muscle toning and lengthening benefits of pilates with elements of strength and cardio training to increase flexibility, endurance and muscle tone, while strengthening the spine and abdominal core. IM=X also incorporates its out ballet bar, cycling, tower, yoga and mat routines using weights.

How does IM=X® differ from Pilates?

IM=X is a cross-conditioning system that includes pilates moves but adds resistance training and plyometric jumps for a more athletically oriented workout so you can tone up and lose inches quickly. IM=X pilates workouts can be tailored towards athletes as well as clients who suffer from back pain, are pregnant, or are looking to lose weight. Examples of such targeted routines are the Lower Body Workout, Interval Training Workout, Stretch Workout, Basics, or the Upper Body Workout. The variation within IM=X makes it possible to address everyone from the "couch potato" to the professional athlete. Joseph Pilates developed his amazing method 70 years ago and IM=X simply updates its concepts and practice reflecting the newest research on fitness, cardiovascular training and spine stabilization. For this reason, IM=X has been described as "the next evolution of Pilates workouts." IM=X also offers hybrid formats that include cycling, tower, ballet bar, yoga, jog boards and weights - total cross conditioning success!

Who can benefit from IM=X® training?

Everyone -- from fitness newbies to hard-core gym rats -- can benefit from IM=X. The program has been proven effective for all body types and fitness levels, regardless of age, weight or ability. There are specialized IM=X formats designed for weight loss, athletes, pregnancy, golf and people with back pain. And, the IM=X Pilates Studios offer Semi-Private Training Memberships (small group) so that you can receive the attention of a certified trainer without the price of one-on-one sessions.

What kind of results can be achieved with an IM=X® workout?

The combination of strengthening, cardiovascular and lengthening exercises develops long, lean muscles, improves posture, increases metabolism and adds flexibility to the spine. IM=X changes body composition (muscle to fat ratio). It attacks excess bulk in the hips and thighs and tightens the body's core muscles for rock-hard abs. And, since IM=X targets the pelvic floor, it can also enhance sexual experience and prevent urinary incontinence (UI). Our members consistently report a significant loss of inches from attending 3 sessions weekly.

How do I get started in the IM=X® Pilates program?

We recommend several private sessions to learn the technique and the equipment. Then you can join our Semi-Private Training Membership Program where there can be 2-8 participants per session and a wide variety of class formats. As a Semi-Private Training Member you can attend as many sessions as you like with just one monthly fee.

How do I choose an instructor or personal trainer?

All of the personal trainers and instructors at the IM=X Pilates Studio franchise are qualified to provide you with this incredible training. Our franchises send their staff to our educational institute in New York City where they learn from Master Trainers who are leaders in the fitness industry. There are several levels of education provided to all franchise staff -- a process that is extensive, thorough, and proprietary. For more information on instructor certification training...

If I have had back problems should I take IM=X® Pilates?

The IM=X Pilates Programs can be tailored to your specific musculoskeletal strengths and weaknesses. In some instances, the certified trainer may request a medical release from your physician to ensure you are ready to exercise. If you have been seeing a physical therapist, the trainer may request a prescription. Our concern is tailoring this amazing program to your level. The IM=X fundamentals will address the stabilization of your spine and create strength in muscles you may not have felt for a while -- the deep muscles along the vertebrae. It is always recommended that you see an Advanced Certified IM=X Pilates Trainer if you have had any history of injury or discomfort.

Fitness and Back Wellness Programs

IM=X® MEMBERS participate in our unique and powerful fitness and back wellness workouts which change muscle tone, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, calorie burning, posture/stabilization and weight loss.

IM=X® Basic (30/60/75 minutes) Get the benefits of working on the IM=X pilates reformer (Xercizer)! Tone and stretch every muscle group, and raise your heart rate -- all in one session. Your trainer will guide you through eight IM=X sequences which start with hips and legs, progress to the abs and back, move on to shoulders and arms, rest for some stretches and finish with more hips, butt and abs. This is a total body workout!

IM=X® Upper Body (30/60 minutes) Target your abs, back, shoulders, chest, biceps and triceps with a series of routines that challenge upper body strength and endurance with IM=X pilates reformer (Xercizer) and floor routines.

IM=X® Lower Body (30/60 minutes) Target your hips, abs and legs while improving range of motion and overall muscle tone with the IM=X floor and reformer (Xercizer) routines. Clients report losing inches on their hips from this intense workout that repeatedly targets the pelvic floor, hip flexors/extensors, abdominal wall, erector spinae, gluteals, hamstrings, quadriceps and adductors.

IM=X® Cycle and Pilates (30/60 minutes) Rev up your aerobic and metabolic systems with a structured indoor cycling and strength workout designed to burn calories. Prepare your body for cardio with some stabilization and stretching routines on the floor or reformer (Xercizer). Your instructor will then guide you through a complete ride. You will learn how to avoid spinal compression while powering your legs and abdominal core.

IM=X® Stretch (30/60 minutes) Improve muscle flexibility and range of motion as well as tone your core with a workout that repeatedly stretches the hips, hamstrings, shoulders, and low back using the IM=X reformer (Xercizer). Guaranteed to increase mobility.

IM=X® Ballet Bar Hybrids
(30-75 minutes) Inspired by traditional ballet training, the IM=X Bar starts with grande and demi pliés which are performed in combination with IM=X® Ring Stabilization Techniques. The leg sequences progress with tendus, attitudes, leg extensions and arabesques to provide a powerful lower body lengthening and toning experience. The secret to a lean and strong body has been known by dancers for years - now IM=X Pilates students can learn these moves and enjoy the benefits.

IM=X® Interval Training (60/75 minutes) Definitely the hardest session you can take. This class keeps the heart rate up while demanding strength. You will sweat your way through sequences which are organized to maintain the challenge. The results will include increased muscle endurance and lots of calorie burning on the IM=X reformer (Xercizer).

IM=X® Xercizer and Floor Hybrid (60/75 minutes) Many of our customers really enjoy our floor programs; while others proclaim the results from the Xercizer. We know that the IM=X reformer (Xercizer) and floor programs challenge the body in different ways so we put combined the best of both for a cross-conditioning challenge.

IM=X® Cardio Hybrid (30/60/75 minutes) The IM=X pilates reformer stretches, tones, stabilizes, strengthens and improves posture. These calorie-burning formats include plyometric jumps, jog board routines and more!

IM=X® Golf & Tennis (30/60 minutes) Improve rotational strength, endurance and flexibility in your spine, hips and shoulders. Learn movement patterns that allow you to tighten the core while maximizing range of motion. Acquire additional power for your golf/tennis swing and limit your risk of low back injury.

IM=X® Back Strength (30/60 minutes) Experience a workout that strengthens the spine in detail thus decreasing back discomfort. Spine decompression, stabilization of deep spinal muscles, recruitment of abdominal core and posture are the focus of this workout which has helped tens of thousands of people eliminate their back pain.

IM=X® Pre/Postnatal Training (30/60 minutes) Condition yourself before and after pregnancy with safe and effective routines. Focus is given to strengthening the muscles most effected by pregnancy - pelvic floor & abdominal wall. Strengthen the spine to prevent against pregnancy-related low back pain. Maintain muscle mass during and after pregnancy to reduce weight gain.

IM=X® Abs (30 minutes) Crunches are boring, this class is not! Isometric, isotonic, concentric, eccentric ab exercises that target the transversus abs, internal/external obliques, rectus abdominals and pelvic floor result in super strength in 30 delightful minutes. (note: if you have a history of back pain, you should not take these sessions)

IM=X® Yoga (30/60/90 minutes) A powerful blend of stabilization, balance, flexibility, muscle endurance and mind-body relaxation techniques. We recommend this total body workout to increase mobility, improve balance control and focus your mind.

and more...

Personal Training

Your IM=X® Personal Trainer will create a program tailored to your fitness level -- and designed to give you the toning, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and strength you want.


If you have not been involved in regular exercise for a while OR if you have never been an exerciser, The IM=X Starter Program is perfect for you! Our trainers will welcome you and take sincere interest in your objectives. The Starter Program is designed to lead you on the path towards fitness in a manner that fits your lifestyle. Programs are recommended after some simple baseline tests (i.e. Body Composition, Strength, Flexibility). Our trainers will develop a well rounded routine for you which includes muscle toning, stretching and mild cardiovascular exercise.


After you feel comfortable with the basics, you will progress to a program that is more challenging. For example, your sessions may include routines that repeatedly target an area for endurance (i.e. lower body and abs). Or, you may take classes that focus on achieving more flexibility in the spine and hips which is effective for golfers and tennis players. Your trainers may recommend additional cardiovascular training to improve the health of your heart. Together we review your goals and help you achieve them.


Raise your fitness level with more advanced exercise formats that build on the basic routines. The IM=X Super Strong sessions are more intense and demanding -- thus optimizing your time and producing fantastic results. You and your trainer(s) will know when the time is right for you to take the challenge.

Semi-Private Training

At the IM=X® Pilates, Cycling, Ballet Bar and Personal Training Studios customers receive attention, proprietary programs in a relaxing environment. Our focus is on providing you with the most immediate results possible. We are not a fad or gimmick program but rather offer reasonable expectations that come from commitment and excellent workout routines. IM=X Pilates reformer (Xercizer) workouts are extremely efficient in that you do not have to change machines as with weight training. There is no time wasted in an IM=X workout!

The advantages of membership:

  1. IM=X® Pilates, Cardio, Yoga, Cycling, Bar, Tower and more! Enjoy the variety of unique programs we offer. There is something for everyone and we recommend you try it all!
  2. Unlimited Sessions! Get the results quickly and with the help of a certified teacher. Attend 3-5x weekly! Take semi-private sessions on our patented reformer (Xercizer) or enjoy the benefits of our floor, yoga and cardio sessions.
  3. Quick and Easy Online Check-In! We know you have a busy schedule and provide you with the convenience of signing into sessions online. Our class schedule offers a wide variety of times so you can find something that works for you. If your schedule changes, just go online reschedule your workout.

Start a New Career in Fitness

IM=X® Pilates 5-Day Intensive Certification

Receive an excellent pilates education at IM=X® Pilates. Learn the IM=X Mat and Xercizer (reformer) programs in a 5-Day Intensive that provides you with the proprietary knowledge required of an IM=X Pilates group exercise instructor and personal trainer. The IM=X Pilates Intensive Certification qualifies fitness enthusiasts and fitness professionals alike to teach our unique Floor and Xercizer (reformer) programs. Certified instructors have career opportunities at any IM=X Pilates Studio across the country. IM=X is known for its scientific approach to teaching stabilization and its athletic approach to pilates-style exercise. Physiological results include increased muscle strength, endurance as well as improvements in alignment and flexibility.


IM=X® Advanced Pilates Certification

Learn new exercises as well as a variety of new formats that target specific workout goals -- expand your the eight basic sequences into over 65 sections of innovative exercise (endless variety!) The Advanced Certification gives experienced IM=X Pilates Trainers and Instructors NEW research and choreography. Several versions of the following formats are covered during this 5-Day Intensive.


IM=X® Super Advanced Pilates Certification

The IM=X®
Certifications keep you on the cutting edge
by providing personal trainers and instructors with NEW research and more workout routines. The 205-page instruction manual includes photos, step-by-step instructions and class formats. In order to receive IM=X Pilates SUPER Advanced Certification, students must pass a Practical Exam demonstrating mastery of no less than 5 of the formats.


IM=X® Tower, Cycle, Ballet Bar, HRT

The IM=X® Ballet Bar, Tower, Cycle and Jog Board Programs are most versatile when they are offered in combination. For example, the Tower Program improves range of motion and stabilization which loosens the body's muscles and joints for the IM=X® Bar moves. The IM=X® Cycle/Tower Program provides upper body resistive moves in combination with stabilization for a cardiovascular 30-45 minute workout which can then be followed with Tower sequences to stretch the hips. These unique IM=X® Programs provide endless options for combination classes which are fun and challenging! Study them separately and then download the formats on the left and begin to mix them up!


IM=X® Spinal Fitness Certification

Learn an effective spinal fitness program for post-rehabilitation and injury prevention. Lectures and exercise labs review posture analysis, self traction stretching, back care research, and demonstrate the effectiveness of IM=X Pilates at remediating general low back pain.

You will learn how to analyze and improve the health of the Spine Stabilization System. By analyzing movement process, posture, flexibility and stabilization you will learn how to give corrective exercise programs. Learn hands-on skills for altering posture, lengthening the spine and improving trunk muscle strength and recruitment.


Our Apprentice Program

IM=X® Pilates Studios offers qualified fitness professionals and fitness enthusiasts an opportunity to get into the growing field of fitness and wellness with our Apprentice Program.

Studio Apprentice Program - If you have always been passionate about fitness and have dreamed of owning your own business; then you may want to consider our Apprentice Program. We offer a program which earns you the credit to open your own studio!

You Will See and Feel Results!

Enjoy solid results from regular sessions. The resistance of the IM=X Pilates reformer (Xercizer) equipment tones muscles quickly and helps to change body composition (muscle to fat ratio). Sequences systematically target your hips, legs, abs, spine, upper back, arms, posture, range of motion and cardiovascular system. Plus our cardio programs (Cycle/Tower, Jog Board, Jump Workouts, Cycle Hybrids) help with extreme calorie burning and improve your cardiovascular health! No matter what your fitness level or objectives, we will help you reach your goals quickly.

IM=X is an intelligent approach to fitness -- it addresses your muscle firing patterns, joint range of motion, core support and overall muscle strength. Many class formats are taught on our patented pilates reformer - the Xercizer -- which provides superior stability, glide, resistance and comfort. A variety of exercises including leg presses, calf raises, plyometrics, abs, back, arm, shoulder, flexibility and hip extensions are performed on this single piece of equipment. IM=X Pilates is differentiated from its competition with its branded programs and patented reformer equipment technology. The reason that our customers lose inches is due to the IM=X stabilization techniques which are taught in our IM=X Fundamentals sessions; and because of our spring resistance and tough routines.

Weight Loss/Lose Inches. Learn how to change your body composition with gentle yet powerful exercises. Convert fat to lean muscle mass on our patented pilates reformer and tower. Ask your studio owner about nutrition products that will assist in your goals.

  • Increase muscle mass for increased metabolism
  • Emphasize internal muscle development so no bulk!
  • Increase calorie burning and lose inches

Back Wellness/Strength. Learn how to change the way your back responds to day-to-day activities. Educate your neuro-muscluar system to respond with the appropriate protective core muscle action. Our many clients tell us how their posture has changed and that they can "lift and move freely."

  • Improve trunk muscle symmetry
  • Increase awareness of movement/posture habits
  • Create extreme core and overall muscle strength/tone

Pre-Postnatal Fitness. During pregnancy and post-partum you need to train the muscles of the pelvic floor and condition the deep layers of abdominal and back muscles to improve recovery and decrease lower back pain.

  • Strengthen the spine for support during pregnancy
  • Ease labor
  • Improve postpartum recovery
  • Speed postpartum weight loss

Senior Fitness. Feeling strong and healthy are key factors to aging. There are many fitness gimmicks and programs that do not address the issues of aging. IM=X Pilates can truly change your body in ways that other regimes probably do not. For example, we focus on off-setting issues like spine degeneration, pelvic floor thinning, pulmonary function (deep diaphragmatic breathing) and we also help you strengthen your day-to-day movements. You will feel a new freedom and strength with regular IM=X Pilates reformer sessions.

  • Offset the aging spine (shrinkage)
  • Dmprove balance control and core musle activation
  • Develop muscle mass in all muscle groups
  • improve wellness and cardiovascular health

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