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Iron Heart High Performance Dogs

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Iron Heart handlers have trained service, protection, and patrol dogs (as well as Police Service Canines) in Kansas City since 1976.

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Iron Heart High Performance Working Dogs: Pets for All Situations

Iron Heart Dogs and TrainingFor Protection, Detection, and Law Enforcement

  • Need a dog or dog training for law enforcement, personal protection, or detection?
  • Looking for expert handler training and certification?
  • Need expert dog training supplies?

Choose a recognized leader in the selection and training of high performance working dogs:

  • Iron Heart has trained or tested over 600 Protection Dogs, Police Service Canines, and Detection Dogs working throughout the United States and Caribbean.
  • Our trainers and handlers have been training service dogs in Kansas since 1976.
  • We use the most modern, motivational methods at our world class Midwest facility to train protection dogs, patrol dogs, and detection dogs. We do not do any force training of protection dogs and service dogs. We train through the drive of the animal.

Whether you need a handler, a K-9 trained from scratch or a "refresher" course, Iron Heart can handle all your needs.

  • Arson Dogs
  • Bed Bug Detection Dogs
  • Bomb Dogs
  • Cadaver Dogs
  • Cell Phone Detection Dogs
  • Dual Service Dogs
  • Mold Detection Dogs
  • Narcotics Dogs
  • Police Service Dogs
  • Protection Dogs
  • Termite Detection Dogs

Contact the experts at Iron Heart today to see what they can do for you!

Training at Iron Heart

Iron Heart offers a wide range of courses for working dogs and pets alike. Our trainers at our world class Kansas City area facility will assist you with your dog in learning anything from basic obedience to advanced police work. With our "board and train" program, you get free follow up visits for 12 months following the initial training. We stand behind our training and we get results. We make sure that the pets that come from our dog training facilities are absolutely equipped for everything. Here is a list of our most popular dog training classes, we also offer custom classes for virtually any training need. Please contact Iron Heart for more details on custom dog training classes.

  • Police Service Dog and Narcotic Detection Course
  • Police Service Dog Certification Level 1
  • Certification for Narcotics Detection Canine Level 1

Iron Heart Protection Dogs

Stop living in fear! Now you can have a fully trained, professional protection dog to safeguard yourself and your family. Using the same dog training methods that have produced hundreds of military and police "top dogs", we train your family pet as a live-in "counter-terrorism" expert you can depend on to protect you from harm every day.

What's different about Iron Heart protection dogs?

Many facilities claim to produce "family protection dogs" but they are little more than an "alert dog" that barks at strangers. The Iron Heart Protection Dog is one of the most sought after family guardians in North America!

Iron Heart Protection Dogs are Fully Trained at our Kansas City facility in all the following areas:

  • Off Leash Obedience
  • Off Leash Control in Protection
  • Will Search your home for Intruders
  • Fully socialized with Children
  • Protect your Vehicle
  • Housebroken

We also take custom orders for protection dogs.

In today's world, Personal Protection Canines are becoming part of our lives as the crime rate continues to rise. This is one deterrent to help your family feel comfortable and safe. Our protection canines are fully guaranteed to perform, and they are guaranteed for three years on their hips, 60 days on health. All of our protection dogs are micro-chipped for identification.

The most common breeds used for family protection dogs are:

  • German Shepherds
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Rottweilers
  • Doberman Pinchers

Whichever protection dog breed would fit your needs, please let us know. Protection K-9's are custom ordered from Europe and hand selected by our trainers at our Kansas training center for your particular family needs. We can provide you with as high a quality protection dog as you wish.

Detection K-9s Iron Heart Training Center in the metro Kansas City area provides the Following Detection Canines:

  • Arson Detection Dogs
  • Bed Bug Detection Dogs
  • Bomb Detection Dogs
  • Cadaver Detection Dogs
  • Cell Phone Detection Dogs
  • Drug Detection Dogs
  • Mold Detection Dogs
  • Search & Rescue Dogs
  • Termite Detection Dogs

The highest quality dogs are selected and imported to the Midwest for their specialties at Iron Heart High Performance Dogs, LLC in the Kansas City area.

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Bed Bug Detection Dogs

Your Best Value for Bed Bug Dogs

Why pay thousands more for a trained high performance bed bug dog when you can get the best bed bug detection dogs from Iron Heart for less?

Iron Heart uses the same motivational training methods for bed bug detection that have made it a leader in providing all types of detection dogs for commercial and law enforcement purposes.

The Bed Bug Epidemic

Bed bug infestations are becoming epidemic in commercial and residential facilities. Smaller than the head of an eraser, bed bugs hide in laptops, cellphones, any place that's warm, and only come out at night to attack unsuspecting victims -- human or animal.

Hotels, schools, residential care facilities, property managers, and homeowners are desperate to get quick, accurate detection of bed bug infestations in their commercial or residential properties.

Iron Heart trains its bed bug detection dogs to specifically locate bed bug infestations with a higher level of accuracy than human beings and in much less time. In just a few minutes, an Iron Heart bed bug detection dog can locate bed bug infestations that are invisible to the eye.

Why Worry About Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are bloodsucking pests that cause itching misery far out of proportion to their tiny size. They lurk in tiny crevices and cracks invisible to the naked eye (but not to the trained senses of bed bug detection dogs!). In the dark, bed bugs seek out the warmth of their victims and drop down on their skin. Sinking their feeding tubes into their unsuspecting victims, they feed on blood for five minutes before becoming satiated. Because of the anesthetic the bed bugs inject, it is only hours, or even days, later that their victim feels the intense itching and sees the welts caused by the bites -- sometimes several from one feeding bed bug if the bed bug was disturbed while feeding or if it was trying to find a vein.

The Bed Bug Epidemic

Many people are surprised to hear about a bed bug epidemic in the United States in the 21st century. Bed bugs were a pest of the past, almost eradicated in the mid-20th century.

However, thanks to increased international travel, bed bugs were able to hitch rides in luggage, clothes, and laptops to find new homes and new victims to feed on in U.S. cities, hotels, hospitals, and houses.

According to one pest control organization, calls about bed bugs were up 71%. Another pest control organization reported that 25% of the hotels surveyed had bed bug infestations.

With bed bug infestations increasing in epidemic proportions, pest control professionals need to be prepared to handle the new calls for service -- and new ways to handle a different type of problem. A bed bug detection dog can locate infestations of the tiny bugs more quickly and accurately than a human being can, bringing gratitude and praise from suffering or concerned customers.

The High Cost of Ignoring Bed Bugs

In addition to the intense itching, bed bug bites can cause allergic reactions and nausea, insomnia and anxiety (from worrying about bed bugs), skin infections, and scarring.

Commercial facilities are at risk of litigation if they don't address the possibility of a bed bug infestation. In 2003, Burl and Desiree Mathias, a brother and sister staying at a Motel 6 in Chicago were awarded $372,000 in punitive damages and $10,000 in actual damages after being bitten by bedbugs during their stay.

As much risk and misery as bed bugs bring, they are almost impossible for human beings to see and locate without professional help. And missing even one female bed bug or bed bug eggs can result in new infestation of thousands of bed bugs in a very short time. With so much at stake, the only way to be sure that you have completely eliminated the infestation is to use professional help -- trained bed bug detection dogs that can locate the pests and their eggs so that they can be destroyed.

Bed Bug Detection Dogs to the Rescue

Bed bugs can hide not only in beds, but in toys, couches, wicker furniture, telephones, laptops, fire alarms, under flooring, piles of papers, lighting fixtures. With their small, flat bodies, they slip into the tiniest crack -- places human beings wouldn't even think to look -- and even if they did they wouldn't find them all. So who can detect all these bloodsucking pests?

A trained bed bug detection dog can locate bed bugs wherever they hide through the same sense of smell that allows other detection dogs to locate drugs, explosives, and mold by scent. And a bed bug detection dog can locate infestations more quickly and accurately than human beings, saving money and time for large facilities like hotels or apartment buildings -- and saving misery for everyone, even the suffering homeowner.

The bed bug detection dog is brought in and does a "sweep" through the location. When the bed bug detection dog detects the scent of bed bugs where they are hiding, it goes on alert, so that a pest control professional can eliminate the bed bug infestation.

Iron Heart High Performance Dogs is proud to offer trained bed bug detection dogs to pest control professionals and others who need to be certain that they are offering the best in bed bug detection services to their clients.

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