Let the Games Begin!

By Brian Olsen

It’s been a busy summer here in Kansas City. The MLB All-Star Game was hosted here in KC, along with all of it’s associated fun and activities. All summer long  fans can be found out at Kauffman tailgating and supporting the Royals for any of their (steaming hot) games, football season is fast approaching… But what really makes this Summer 2012 a little bit more special is that the 2012 Summer Olympics are starting! The Olympics may not be HERE in KC, but there is no shortage of fan support and local fun to be had!

Michael Phelps, Jordyn Wieber, Ryan Lochte, Misty May-Treanor, Kerry Walsh Jennings…. these are just a few of the athletes that will be competing for Team USA. If you are like me, you will even root for the unknowns… the people and the sports you didn’t even know existed! (Seriously, did you know Trampoline is an Olympic sport?!)

When I was younger, my family would always watch the Olympics in our living room, cheering on Team USA. Now that I am older, choosing where to watch can be tricky. I want to go to a place where I can cheer on my country, talk about what the Olympic athlete’s could have done better (even though I don’t know a darn thing about most of the sports), but I also want to be in a place surrounded by good people having a good time. A local bar like Driver’s in downtown Overland Park or 75th St. Brewery in Kansas City, MO are both good options. The atmosphere in both these establishments would give me a taste of being back home.

Wherever I choose to watch and cheer, the Olympics usually inspire in me a desire to be just like the athletes on TV. I get pumped to go work out so that I can be the next Michael Phelps, or as ruthless as Kerry Walsh Jennings. Regardless of what it is about the Olympics that motivates YOU (the team camaraderie, the unbelievable athleticism, or the outstanding focus and determination)- the best part of all is experiencing all of the fans coming together to cheer for their country. So, here’s to the sports we never thought in a million years we’d cheering for! Here’s to falling in love with a sport that you just discovered and now want to try! Here’s to the 2012 Summer Olympics, enjoy it, and go TEAM USA!!!