RSVP Med Spa

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RSVP Med Spa

13300 Metcalf Avenue
Overland Park, KS 66213
(913) 387-1104
RSVP Med Spa
Kansas City’s RSVP Med Spa offers facials, microdermabrasion, hair removal and waxing, laser treatments, IPL, skin treatments, and cellulite reduction.

Mon - Thurs: 9am - 7pm
Fri: 9am - 5pm
Sat: 9am - 4pm

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RSVP Med Spa: Health and Luxury

RSVP Med Spa is a stylish, intimate spa where you receive highly personalized attention in a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere – a Kansas City luxury that is rarely found in today’s fast paced, high stress world.  At RSVP Med Spa, our purpose is to ensure that your every experience results in comfort, pleasure and relaxation. Everything is about you!

RSVP is a unique medical health facility where quality, luxury, and satisfaction are our main priority. The staff at RSVP Med Spa combines west coast sophistication with a wide range of educational experience. This varied background allows the professional staff to offer cutting edge health and wellness procedures as well as services not found anywhere else in the Kansas City area. Let us create an experience your skin will thank you for.

Wonderful skin care treatments are luxurious and beneficial for every type of skin. We offer a full range of Kansas City health spa services tailored to your own needs. Designed for both women and men we specialize in the latest rejuvenation treatments.

Rejuvenate your body and mind with our complete spa services that delivers superior face and body treatments for Him and Her in an atmosphere of luxury and tranquility. Make your appointment today to Relax and revitalize your body.

Smooth your skin gently and effectively with proven techniques aimed to please. We welcome you to indulge and pamper yourself amongst our serene and pleasant and quiet environment that will leave you in heavenly bliss.

Patients today want to regain a youthful look and improve their skin tone and glow in a fast and safe manner. We have witnessed an increase in demand for aesthetic and laser therapies. Today advances in medical technology enable physicians, aesthecains and laser technicians to offer safe and effective treatment methods to many skin related issues.

RSVP Med Spa is pleased to announce that we have several non-invasive, minimally invasive, fast recovery, cosmetic, aesthetic and laser procedures to help you rid the imperfections you may have and regain that much desired youthful and healthier appearance. Let us “Reveal your Skin’s Vitality and Perfection”

Come by to check out the wide array of health services that we offer in Kansas City.

RSVP Med Spa Services

RSVP is South Overland Park's premier med spa destination. We offer a spa experience that goes beyond exceptional treatments and the best (and happiest) therapists in town. Relax in our design-forward environment that appeals to both men and women.

RSVP Medspa offers custom aesthetic care, facials, microdermabrasion, peels, HydraFacials and waxing. We also offer the most cutting edge laser treatments available for veins, texture, pores, IPL, skin tightening, cellulite reduction, skin resurfacing, hair removal for all skin types, acne and rosacea treatments. RSVP Medspa offers a complimentary consultation. We work to help our patients reach their goals.

RSVP Med Spa was created to provide an exceptional day spa experience for men and women. We achieve this by:

  • Creating a truly relaxing environment where you are pampered and unhurried
  • Providing treatments using natural and organic ingredients to assist in natural rejuvenation processes
  • Engaging all of your senses where you interact and relax with music in addition to the touch of your treatment
  • Allowing you to interact with a staff that is passionate about your relaxation and well-being
  • Always providing a free skin care analysis to completely customize your skin care experience

Esthetic Services

  • Hydra Facial
  • Custom Facial
  • Purifying Facial
  • Lux Facial
  • Men's Facial
  • Men's Deep Clean Facial
  • Derma Planing
  • Chemical Exfoliation
  • Waxing, Tweezing, and Tinting
  • Custom Spray Tanning

Laser Services

  • Cutera Cool-Glide Laser
  • Laser Genesis
  • Limelight Facial
  • ProWave and Cool-Glide Hair Removal
  • Vein Therapy

Venus Concept: Skin Tightening, Cellulite Reduction

(MP)2 is a unique technology that can reverse the effects of aging skin by combining Pulse Magnetic Fields and RF. Pulse Magnetic Fields increase FGF-2 production, a growth hormone responsible for the creation of minute blood vessels and the proliferation of dermal fibroblasts. Simultaneously RF increases collagen and elastin synthesis by causing controlled thermal damage in the dermis and stimulating the self repair mechanisms of skin tissue. Clinically proven (MP)2 uses proprietary technology to create a highly efficient, tightly woven energy matrix. This dense energy matrix penetrates multiple layers of skin, heating it from the inside out. Deep skin penetration ensures exponentially improved clinical efficacy and produces clearly visible results. The (MP)2 synthesizer hand-pieces combine RF and Magnetic Pulses to homogeneously raise temperature over the entire treatment area. Uniform distribution of heat means lower overall energy, increasing safety and eliminating the need for topical cooling agents.

For more information on Venus Concept please click here

DEKA DOT: Skin Resurfacing

Deka has invented the SmartXide DOT system that combines “traditional” and “fractional” resurfacing, offering an ultra-versatile treatment that can be tailored to the specific demands of each patient.

DOT therapy uses microscopic dots to renew and rejuvenate your skin, minimize wrinkles, reduce facial scars, improve skins firmness and more.

TattooStar By Asclepion: First in the Midwest

Tattoos, Pigmented Lesions, Permanent Makeup Removal

Today there is an increasing demand for the removal of tattoos. On average, one person out of two wants to remove their tattoos after about ten years. This derives from the inevitable changes in fashion and styles or it is simply due to growing older.

TattooStar is extremely effective for removing tattoos, pigmented lesions, and permanent makeup. In selective removal, the beam penetrates the skin to reach the ink particles anchored inside. The pigments absorb the light energy and are obliterated. Once destroyed, they are absorbed by the lymph system and eliminated. Treatment using the TattooStar is quick, nearly painless, bloodless and highly effective, without causing injury or leaving scars. TattooStar removes all colors and requires less treatments compared to most competitors.

The removal of tattoos and pigmented skin lesions by laser therapy is a practice-proven treatment method. The success of the treatment is due to the precise application of the laser beam, without harming the surrounding skin.

The complete removal of tattoos can require several treatment sessions, 6-8 weeks apart, depending on the size of the tattoo. Some pigmented lesions only require a single treatment session for complete removal.

Meet Our Specialists

Brenda Roberts, President/Owner, LMT, CLT, ICT
Brenda Roberts, LMT, CLT, ICT, has worked in the field of medical aesthetics and lasers for many years. She has held certification since 2002 in cosmetic laser treatment and has trained doctors and their staff on the use of laser equipment. Roberts has worked with many dermatologist, family practice and plastic surgeons to create and implement laser treatment plans for their patients. She has also been trained to provide skin consultations for various treatments. In addition to being a highly trained and skilled laser technician,Roberts is trained in massage therapy and micropigmentation. She believes in giving the highest quality of care by providing the most cutting-edge treatments available.

Kelly Catalano, Licensed Esthetician, CLT
Licensed esthetician Kelly Catalano believes that the more estheticians know,the more prepared they are for their clientele. Catalano joined the medical esthetician industry after graduating from Johnson County Community College’s esthetics program in 2006, and holds many advanced certificationsin advanced skin care techniques and products. Additionally, she stays up todate with the newest technology by attending continuing education seminarson a regular basis. Before joining RSVP MedSpa, Catalano worked in critical care at an area hospital and performed esthetic services in a dermatology setting. She also is a certified life coach.

Katie McNeil, Licensed Esthetician
As a licensed esthetician, Katie McNeil is proud to bring her passionand love of esthetics to RSVP MedSpa. Since her graduation fromthe University of Kansas and the Aveda Institute of Esthetics almost seven years ago, McNeil has served as the lead esthetician in medical and day spas throughout Kansas City. She recently returned to the area after two years of treating celebrities in Hollywood. Along with her experience in traditional skin care treatments, McNeil specializes in chemical peels, derma planing, microdermabrasion and HydraFacials.

Sara Daves, Licensed Esthetician

Sara Daves possesses a true passion for skin care and education, a perfect combination for helping to truly make a difference in clients’ skin.  Before attending school for esthetics, Sara obtained a degree in Psychology and an MBA in Marketing but still felt she hadn’t found her calling.  Having been affected by skin issues since adolescence, Sara wanted to find a way to help others with skin problems.  She has experience providing treatments in both the day-spa and medical esthetics settings.  In addition to being a licensed esthetician, Sara is also a licensed esthetics Instructor and holds advanced training certificates in Chemical Peels, Acne and Rosacea.  With today’s busy lifestyles, Sara understands that when a client comes in for a treatment, it may be the only time they take for themselves, and she is honored they put that time in her hands.

Michelle Vestle, Licensed Esthetician, CLT

Michelle Vestle is a Licensed Esthetician with a love of skincare, health and wellness, and over 10 years experience in professional make-up artistry. After graduating with a BA degree in Business Administration in 2003, she began her career in the marketing and advertising industry. After 5 years, Michelle knew she was not following her heart and her true passion was helping people maintain and improve the health of their skin. Michelle decided it was time to make a change and went back to school to receive her esthetics license. After graduating from B Street Design in 2010, she has enjoyed being part of the Esthetics Industry ever since. Michelle specializes in customized facials, HydraFacials, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser skin rejuvenation. Michelle truly enjoys building relationships with each of her clients and working with them to create a customized treatment plan. Michelle is committed to continuing her education and training so her clients can benefit from the latest skincare trends.

Tara Stange, Administrative Assistant

Tara has worked behind the scenes in the med spa industry for 6+ years. She loves being a part of changing peoples lives. Her favorite part of working in the med spa industry is building relationships with clients. Tara goes above and beyond to make sure we have 100% client satisfaction.

At RSVP Med Spa, we are excited to offer our clientele 3 of the finest product lines on the market for your facial and skin care needs. All of these lines provide advanced skin care backed by many years of research and science. The staff at RSVP has chosen these wonderful product lines offering our clientele a way to prevent future damage, protect healthy skin, correct previous damage, and help restore youthful, radiant skin.

SkinCeuticals: Our mission at SkinCeuticals is to improve skin health. Dedicated to this purpose, we make one simple promise: provide advanced skin care backed by science.

SkinCeuticals provides complete skin care solutions through dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medi-spas, and other skin care professionals, earning us a strong reputation in the United States and in over 35 countries worldwide.

NIA 24 is a niacin-powered skin care line dedicated to preventing, repairing and fighting the visible signs of sun damage. Its unique formula helps to rebuild the skin’s barrier from the inside out, which reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and also improves the skin’s texture and tone.

NIA 24’s science is based on more than 25 years of biomedical research by scientists Myron and Elaine Jacobsen. As principle scientists for Niadyne, the maker of NIA 24, they developed a new, patented niacin molecule, Pro-Niacin™, which allows niacin to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate DNA repair and build the skin barrier from the inside out.

NEOCUTIS means, literally, new skin. And who wouldn’t like to turn back time to recapture the flawless skin of youth? You may not be able to go back that far, but you can take advantage of NEOCUTIS technology using their proprietary anti-aging and skin-healing properties.

NEOCUTIS researchers in Switzerland created a biotechnology process to extract rich proteins for use in rejuvenating dull, damaged skin. Originally developed for scarless wound healing, NEOCUTIS provides potent healing properties contained in their exclusive products.

The balanced mixture of skin nutrients featured in NEOCUTIS products includes cytokines, growth factors, and antioxidants.

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