Social Video: Use Social Media, Video to Connect with Consumers and Clients

by Chris Olsen, founder of fimedia

Social Video is the most self-explanatory marketing term/trend out there right now, yet despite its intuitive definition it is still misinterpreted day after day.

Think of it as this: Social Video is any video that can be shared. When you like a place or thing, how do you describe and share it? Nowadays it is social media, but it can also be email, text, group messaging apps, etc…So just add the video component and voila.

You can share something anywhere and anyway. Video, the most common click generator, can even be considered social. You have to think of Social Media as the new era of word-of-mouth marketing, and thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., it spreads faster than anything we have seen before. In a matter of minutes, your message is in front of tens of thousands of people; and with the right video, your click rate shoots through the roof.

Social Video creates the conversation needed to create a community. Unlike fads such as Groupon and LivingSocial, it puts the business in control of the conversation. Social Video can be an unbelievable tool…

Now here is my big BUT

Bad video can be just as damaging as ignoring the need for video all together. For example: If a car wrap company pulls up to your business in a beat up Chevy with a pixelated graphic on it, what is your initial impression of that business/person? Most likely, you’re thinking, “This company is not good enough for my business.” The same applies if you use your smartphone to shoot your video. The unprofessional nature can kill your credibility and in turn, the conversion from viewer to buyer decreases significantly. Don’t cut corners. Find a production company that has a wide range of services. Most, if they are like us ( / fimedia), focus on connecting businesses with consumers using social video and will give you options ranging from basic $250 videos to $5,000+ videos.


Don’t let a hobbyist, friend or family member do a “freebie.” As a video professional with a background in TV News I did a few freebies for friends and family members before we developed Those videos pale in comparison to what we do now. Not so much in video quality, but in the way we pushed the videos out to the public. The power is in the pudding…or is it? Without a spoon (or straw if you are my 3-year-old daughter), that pudding tends to be worthless, or at best pretty messy. Make sure the company you are working with knows how to push the video out. Without a good plan, the money you put in, whether it is $500 or $5,000, is worthless. We go above and beyond for our clients. For proof, check our social media ( and @FINDitKC on Twitter), where we are always engaging our fans to make sure our clients are talked about. We also tag the video so it is labeled properly to optimize performance in the ever-changing world of video SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Most likely, your cousin, nephew or brother won’t touch your video after he created it. Trust me, I didn’t do any of the extras before I had this amazing fimedia and FINDitKC support staff around me.

Think of Social Media as a living, breathing thing; you must feed it to keep it alive. Now think of Social Video as the protein shake helping you build lean muscle to fight off titans like heart disease and diabetes. Social Media and Social Video work hand in hand to get your message out there and deliver results.

Do yourself a favor in 2012: Make a commitment to your customers and dive head first into Social Video. Connect with them on a personal level and get your name out there. A $100/month gym membership is worthless if you don’t get out of bed or off the couch to go. In the same way, your video is worthless if you aren’t actively pushing it out. Don’t pitch and sell all the time. EDUCATE and ENGAGE. You WILL see a return. Check out our testimonials and see for yourself.

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